As a business owner, I believe wholeheartedly in using my gifts to be a blessing to others. I want what I do to not only serve my amazing clients, but to directly serve those in need around the world.

That’s why 10% of every single portrait session and 5% of weddings booked with me will go toward one of the following organizations that I’ve had the honor of working with personally while serving overseas as a missionary. If you would like your portion of payment to go to one of these ministries in particular, just let me know at your time of booking!

NepalI spent a month in Nepal, where I worked alongside a Pastor who oversees thirteen churches, eight of which were destroyed by the catastrophic earthquake that took place in 2015 that took over 8,500 lives. Pastor B & his wife work full time ministering to the people of Nepal, re-building churches, visiting and praying for the sick and poor, sharing the Love of the Gospel and taking in children as their own who are in dire need of guardianship. During my month working alongside his ministry, I witnessed the most genuine care, faith and humility amongst Pastor B & his ministry partners. They are in need of aid to continue what they so selflessly do, including but not limited to: a vehicle to reach more remote villages, building reconstruction materials, orphan care and boarding, school supplies for donations and so much more.

MozambiqueBeacon of Hope stands out to me as the hardest place for me to leave. I fell in love with the kids we worked with there, and saw how Beacon of Hope absolutely lives up to its name. It operates as a Boy’s Home, but it’s main purpose is to equip and propel needy young men into a successful, fulfilling and sustainable life, free from the bondage of poverty that is so apparent in their country (58% of children live below the poverty line). Most of the boys who stay there do not have a father or anyone to care for them and guide their steps. Beacon of Hope provides not only food, shelter and education, but a high priority is put on teaching them responsibility, social skills, and the Love of Christ. Learn more about Beacon of Hope Mozambique HERE or watch HERE.

UgandaThere’s a sweet  girl named Carolyn who’s been a part of my life since 2010. She lives in Uganda and has grown and thrived from a sad-eyed eleven year old to a healthy, strong, young woman. I’ve partnered with World Vision to be her monthly sponsor, which helps cover the cost of basic needs such as food, clean water, education and also goes directly toward her poverty-stricken community for funding sustainable plans to get and keep it out of poverty. Carolyn and I send letters every now and then and I hope and pray I can visit her in person one day!

CambodiaHuman trafficking is, sadly, one of the biggest issues facing women today—especially in Cambodia. Often sold by their own families into the sex industry, young girls and women face not only great danger, but every form of psychological, emotional, sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse. Daughters of Cambodia is an incredible organization that I was blessed to visit in person and witness firsthand the incredible difference they make in reversing the damage done to human trafficking victims, both male and female. They provide a practical way for them to get out of the industry they were forced into by giving them skills, jobs, counseling, medical care, social skills and more. They successfully equip them to solve their own problems within their own cultural and social context so the changes are resilient, eternal and sustained. Learn more about Daughters of Cambodia & ways to help!

EthiopiaOrdinary Hero’s motto is “Change the world for One”. It’s meaning is simple: changing the world for one person has a ripple effect—when one person’s life is impacted for the better, that person goes on to impact more lives for the better. Ordinary Hero is a child sponsorship advocacy organization, and I was blessed to be able to photograph the effects that sponsorship has not only on individuals, but on their communities and ultimately their country! Their focus is on partnering with impoverished communities, providing basic needs through sponsorships that in turn completely transform the lives of poverty stricken children and families, giving them the chance to thrive and help end the cycle of poverty.
1 Peter 4:10